Friday, March 30, 2012

The Delayed Reaction

Heh, I guess "tomorrow" didn't happen, my net connection is a bit wacky, routers went down cause of some electrical interference from the storms we have been having here :p. So without further ado, here are some specifics on what exactly I need to research:

1. I need to find a site in which I can meet a natural Japanese speaker so that when I get to a conversational level with my Japanese, I can keep the language fresh, and also ask about some odd things that Rosetta stone seems very vague or contradictory on.

2. I had heard about some programs in Japan that deal with natural English speakers and puts them as English teachers, I do not know the names of these programs, but they are my best shot, at least I hope so.

3. I also need to get acquainted with common Japanese laws, just stuff that would get me into trouble if I did it there when here it is legal or stuff I can do there that I can't do here. Prolly stuff like if the age of consent is like 20 or smoking whilst under an umbrella is illegal (don't smoke, but I have heard this is illegal somewhere) or some silly stuff like that.

4. Get acquainted with the value of yen, and estimate the expenses of living so I can save up an appropriate amount to buy a ticket, have enough for a return ticket if things go bad, and have enough to live for a few months if something happens.

Well, I hope I can get some more traffic here, which is kinda hard because there are some people I don't want to share this with until it gets off to a solid start, so facebook is out of the question. I may need to start up a twitter account.

If it's unclear why I'm blogging about this, it is for support, I usually do better when I have people encouraging me and I don't want to disappoint. That said, please spread the link to this blog, maybe this is not right for you, but you never know if one of your friends or family will have similar interests, or if one of their friends have gone through this in the past.

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